Frequently Asked Questions

What is LA Roofing Pros?

We are a company that has a large connection to many roofing contractors (and we are always looking for more). We only choose the best and most legitimate roofing contractos in Los Angeles. Whenever we connect with a roofing contractor we make sure they are bonded and insured, their work is professional, and they don't ripoff/scam their clients. So basically we take away the long and exhausting process of trying to find the right roofing contraction in your area. Instead of you having to sift through a ton of strangers roofing contractors figuring out who is legitimate or not, let the professiional come to you!

Is This Service Free to Use?

Our roofing estimate service is 100% free. We don't ask for ANY financial information and you can use us as many times as you like. So go ahead and use this service to find legitimate and top roofing professionals in your area.

How do I know if I am getting a fair quote?

We advise all home owners to compare multiple quotes and schedule home visits from the professionals we recommend to you. Prices obviously vary, so be sure to have a checklist prepared.

How do we vet business advisers or partners?

So over the time we have As part of the Contractor Signup process, MrRemodel requires that a Company needs to be licensed, registered, bonded and/or insured. The provided information is self-reported. We suggest you check with regulatory agencies in your area for up to date information and accuracy.