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About LA Roofing Professionals

I created this website because I’m sick and tired of homeowners getting ripped off by unprofessional and inconsiderate roofing contractors. Especially the ones dressed as “pro roofers” but are actually pro salesmen using manipulative tactics to try and get your business.

This website is specifically designed to connect you only with professional, trustworthy, and local roofers. We have a vetting process that makes sure we connect you with the best roofers. Don’t go through the hassle of trying to figure which roofer is out to pull a fast one on you or not. Don’t give your information to companies who will hound you everyday on your phone, social media, or emails asking for your roofing business. Don’t end up being another roofing horror story! Instead, let us do the work for you.

Just enter you zip below and answer 3 questions to get started. You will thank us for making the decision process of hiring a good roofer for your home much simpler.

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